Business Choreographer

Clarity. Alignment. Action. Freedom.

Translating ideas into rewarding & sustainable strategies & businesses.


Janey guides individuals and teams toward previously unimagined outcomes by unlocking creative thinking, and developing key leadership capabilities to deliver exceptional results.


Janey’s Approach

Janey works with individuals and teams to attain success by shifting what they see to be possible and then supporting them in designing and delivering on clear and concise action plans. Focused on uncovering and overcoming real or perceived barriers, she helps them go above and beyond their expectations in both their personal and professional lives. 

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About Janey

Having traveled and worked in many diverse communities, cities, and countries around the globe….. living among the Aboriginal communities in Australia, working in support of peace in the Middle East, and working for the Mayor of London in support of the reinvention of the city for a new future, Janey has made it her business to understand and appreciate the rich landscape of different cultures and perspectives.

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“Whether a company needs to better promote itself or streamline its internal departments to operate more effectively, Janey knows the best way forward. She served our company in a leading and critical role and has been absolutely essential to our commercial success and reputation on a global scale.”

John Swartz, Co-Founder & CEO, BUILT NY


Client Stories

Designing, facilitating, leading & implementing inspirational curricula for individuals & teams in many different sectors..



Known for her creative thinking & ability to translate ideas into reality, Janey has a reputation for developing strategies to deliver on mission-critical objectives & generate unprecedented results.