Client Stories

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Janey consulted with the VP of the world’s first luxury wardrobe storage and cyber closet valet service business on their future growth strategy.  Designed for fashion devotees with impeccable wardrobes, city residents with inadequate closet space, business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers, the business provided a host of elegant and convenient services, including museum-quality storage for clothing, shoes, and accessories, professional wardrobe photography and signature Cyber Closet application. Additional services included complimentary same-day pick up and ready-to-wear delivery, luggage-packing, and shipping. 

The growth strategy project included identifying future challenges and opportunities, targeting potential partnerships, improving customer experience, honing in on gaps in talent, and creating action plans to address expansion into different market sectors. This work resulted in an ever-expanding client base and significant growth in revenue and profit.


financial services

A major US bank/financial services company recognized that in order to fulfill on their commitment to be the world’s leading digital bank, it needed to transform its core thinking and ways of operating from being a banking/financial services company offering digital services to being a digital company offering banking/financial services.  As part of the company’s ‘mobile-first’ strategy, Janey co-designed and delivered a two-day leadership workshop for a multi-disciplinary team chosen to lead on the digital transformation culture shift.

The project goal was to make the organization fully customer-centric by introducing new cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence etc., while simultaneously assimilating them into the business processes and procedures.  The workshop resulted in equipping the leadership team with immediately-actionable tools to be able to clearly articulate the new vision and deliver a comprehensive communication strategy, engage and mobilize employees, and identify easy wins to create momentum.



Following a survey and analysis of company culture, a global helicopter business determined that in order for its operations group to achieve “operational excellence,” they had to bridge specific gaps that were identified in the survey. Specifically, they needed their team to work in a more collegial and collaborative manner which would positively impact work/life balance by sharing accountability amongst the business unit leadership teams.  

Janey co-designed and co-delivered a series of six two-day quarterly meetings (with follow-on coaching support) that brought the global operations team together to review their performance and “up their game.” Confidence and accountability was built within their teams, thereby promoting better and more efficient interdepartmental work habits. Subsequently, delegation of tasks was more effective and efficient, opening up more adaptable working channels. The result: a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of delivery metrics which led to increased business opportunities.



During a time of organizational restructuring, Janey worked with the Founder and CEO of a boutique lingerie design company - whose designs are sold at outlets such as Barneys, Nordstroms, Net-a-Porter,, etc. - to redesign the company’s strategy for future success.  

Project targets included: 1) making decisions on past collections, stock size, and methods to move inventory using the opportunity of trunk shows and sample sales 2) training & developing managers to elevate their leadership and productivity capabilities 3) navigating the opportunities that presented themselves among potential investors, and 4) working through the design and development of a new product line.  

This work resulted in the company reinventing and firmly positioning itself on a new trajectory for future growth and success.